Monday, July 11, 2016

Z Garden Harvests and Glimpse in the Kitchen

 The Z garden and yard is in full summer mode and the weather has been very suitable for great garden growth.  It's been a busy week and a half of so in the Z Garden and kitchen...harvests and herb prep for the table, freezer, and spice cabinet!  With basil from our lovely CSA and our Z garden, I was able to prepare basil pesto for the table and freezer, and our dried herbs were ready for whirring in the food processor and storage in upcycled jam jars.

There are now a few glimpses of color in the harvests now with a few beets, carrots, and a few random schmaters and raspberries.  Soon there will be a color explosion.  Can't wait!

Hoping you've all had a great week and a half or so, and I hope you're all enjoying your summer!

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