Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Soup time! Chipotle Albondigas Meatball Soup

Well, hello everyone!  Once again, time has gotten away from me...and it's now almost winter.  We've somehow skipped through fall, my favorite season...and are now almost in winter mode, seeing as how we've had a few snowfalls here in WI now.  So, that means it's...soup season!

My hubby tried a new recipe a few nights ago, and it was amazing!  So I'm going to share the link with you all :)  It was deliciously yummy...warm, soothing, the right hint of spice.

Chipotle Albondigas Meatball Soup:

For our "tweaks" we didn't add rice to the meatballs, nor did we add sweet potato, zucchini, or chayote, or kale, as we didn't have these in our refrigerator.  We did add diced carrots and sliced baby portabellas.  This would pair well with potatoes and chopped, fresh spinach, too.

We served this with warm tortillas.  I also think it would be yummy with crusty French bread/baguette or cornbread.


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